Every day, since midsummer’s day 2005, we have taken a selection of glorious photographs of the dawn rising over the Cornish coastline. This means you can now choose the most delightful of unique gifts – a beautifully-framed photograph to mark any momentous day special to you or a loved one.

Founded by Gavan Goulder, the business was inspired by the birth of a son to one of his close friends. To commemorate the event, Gavan took a beautiful photograph of that day and presented the most unusual of new baby gifts to the proud parents in a frame inscribed with ‘April 4th 2000, Teddy’s First Day’.

Word soon spread and several people asked Gavan to create unique gifts for them too. This was the start of the business specialising in unique gifts based on extraordinary original photography. The business was given extra impetus by the birth of Gavan’s own daughter, Ella, in 2005, since when a selection of photographs for personalised gifts has been taken practically every single day. He also has a first day picture for his second daughter Nia, born in 2007.