About Gary

When I moved to Cornwall a year ago I came with a completely blank canvas as to what I would do for a job. My wife had been offered a great position at Duchy College but I was having a couple of months to consider my options. The position as photographer and team assistant at The Day That leapt off the screen at me as I browsed the JobCentrePlus vacancy list. I had always loved photography but never considered it as a career. I visited the The Day That website and was immediately caught up in the whole concept. What a fabulous idea, how many people ever caught the start of a special day, but wished by the end of the day they had. I didn't expect an interview let alone to be offered the job, but sometimes someone up there smiles on you! It brought together so many aspects of my life, my love of the sea, my love of the natural world, my love of photography and my love of the unexpected. Every dawn is different, a unique combination of so many elements that you can't help but be captivated. So here I am, absolutely loving it!

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