So here I am sitting in front of my computer on a very wet Saturday thinking what to write about in our first ever Blog. I’m thinking ‘Be cool, be funny, be interesting”… oh god it’s too much pressure. Then there’s the key phrases to weave in or Nikki Pilkington will wrap my knuckles.
I’ve decided to answer David Byrne’s question in the song Once in a lifetime..”How did I get here?” It’s an obvious question, from wanting to be a war photographer 20 years ago to photographing beautiful sunrises at 3.30am in wonderful Cornwall.
I was turned onto photography by the brilliant photographers at Magnum and Network Photographers who were inspired me with their wonderful view of the world telling truths. I suppose like most students interested in social documentary photography I was inspired by the breathtaking work of Henri Cartier Bresson and his idea of “The Decisive moment” I took these ideas and principles and started my own photographic journey looking for interesting stories and ending up in ridicules situations. While studying I photographed for a month in Romania capturing the changes a year after the Revolution of 89. The piece was called “A nation dressed in Oxfam clothes. During this time I was mugged at an illegal black market. The following year I spent 3 months living with The Bedouin in the Negev Desert in Israel looking at the plight of these most proud and gentle people. I ended up in Gaza being shot at and having to hitch hike out of the area. Don’t worry readers, I will be telling all in later blogs.
Other stories of note, I ended up being thrown about by a 7 foot wrestler while shooting a piece on British wrestling. While photographing the Bootleg Beatles I stood in front of 5000 fans arms aloft like a rock god… it felt fantastic. I nearly shook hands with the Queen, by mistake. I was cursed by an Indian God for interrupting a Guru The Guru Busters and ended up in hospital. Got very drunk with too many celebs to name here… and much much more.
So now I get up while the rest of you re asleep and wonder down to one of the 40 or so locations and photograph in all conditions so that people can buy a most unique christening or birth gift How’s that Nikki?
And you know what…. I love it!

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  1. A fab start – and I can’t wait to hear all those stories!

  2. Rich Meston says:

    Great first post – very interesting, and like Nikki I’m looking forward to finding out your history which sounds fascinating! Great looking blog too – nice and personalised (shame on me – I must stop using a standard template for mine!)

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