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My First The Day That sale

The law of averages suggested that sooner or later one of my pictures would be used to celebrate a wedding, or welcome a newborn baby into the world. The question was how long would it take until this order came through.

There had been eager anticipation in the office, which slowly built up as I had more and more dawn photography under my belt. Days either side of mine began to sell and once or twice there a false celebration when realising the latest order was for the dawn on the day before or after I had gone out.

Eventually the order came through, 24th November 2011, picture 1. This picture would mean a lot to the family receiving it, it also, suddenly, was a picture that meant a lot to me, as it would be my first sale. Luckily there was no expense spared to celebrate the occasion, a large exhibition size picture in a dark wood frame was a great first sale.

There was a small wait before the print, as we had to replace the paper we use to print at that size to ensure the picture would be perfect. It was exciting to see it in physical form, and although it looked exactly the same as it did on the monitor, it looked so much better on paper.

The picture was then mounted and personalised, and the process was almost complete. With the border of the mount surrounding the image it was obvious why images should be printed, not just left to sit on a computer hard drive. The picture was stunning to look at and once it had been framed, I was very proud of the work I had done.

My first sale, a very proud moment.

It felt great to know that this picture would not only be hanging on somebody’s wall for years to come, but it would also be a picture that a family would have an emotional attachment to.

I look forward to taking many more pictures so they can be used to celebrate all of life’s special occasions.

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