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Theatre of the Sea - Steve Tuck

We now have over 35,000 photographs in our collection, that’s a lot of pictures of the dawn. We go out in all conditions from stunning sunrises to dramatic stormy mornings that take our breath away.

We have decided to create a collection of our favourite photographs from each month and have asked our followers on Facebook to name them. This is our chosen January picture and it was named “Theatre of the sea”  by Steve Tuck and is very apt.

Anyone born on this day would have a very dramatic picture on their wall taken on the day they were born the perfect newborn gift. At the end of the year we will be creating a calendar with a picture for each month that hopefully will reflect the seasonal changes.

Join us on Facebook to get the chance to name one of our beautiful photographs.



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Beautiful fine art landscape photography....everyday

Since June 2005 we have been going out every single day at sunrise in all weather conditions to take beautiful fine art landscape photographs. I have stood in the middle of a beach in the pouring rain and still managed to find something beautiful to photograph.

Even when it's raining there is beauty to be found.

At mid summer I have to be at my chosen location by 3.30am to make sure I capture the pre dawn. There is something quite magical when you realise that you are one of the very few people crazy enough to be awake at that time and to witness mother nature at it’s most impressive.

Mother nature at it's best

There is something very spiritual in waiting for the sun to rise and for capturing the process as a photograph knowing that this is the start of someones first day on earth or the first day of the rest of their lives.

A wonderful reminder of a special day

A short film about us

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