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main_img_canv_zoom_1Imagine a photograph taken at dawn on the very day your beautiful child was born… how amazing would that be?

Every day since June 21st 2005 we have been going out at dawn to take our stunning pictures so you can own a piece of art taken on the day your baby was born, a very special day in your life. You can read more about us here.

Show how much you love him by giving this amazing gift for Father’s day, a truly memorable present to be kept forever.

How does it work

You can order one of our beautifully produced regular framed photographs or have one of our new and exciting “Download” options.

You will be able to email it to your friends, share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Have it as your screen saver on your computer or ipad, print it out yourself, create thank you cards and Wedding invitations.  There are an endless list of products to get creative with such as Canvas wraps, jigsaws and even on your very own stamps (how brilliant is that?) from companies such as Snapfish and Photobox.

So what’s the price of this unique gift?

We will send you your digital copy of your chosen photograph taken on your special day on a designed CD for £35.00



What’s on your CD

  1. A full size digital photograph personalised as you wish, ready to make into any product you like.
  2. A resized version that is also personalised and ready to share with friends and family via email and Social media.
  3. Inspiration booklet packed full of ideas and a comprehensive Q&A


You can then gift wrap it and give it to him on Fathers Day, the perfect gift.

Take a look at your very special day on our site here

If you have any questions or want to place an order then call us now on 01736 758109

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wallpaperdesignersHow cool would it be to have Wallpaper made out of a photograph taken at dawn on a day that is special to you.

You can now own a digital version of the photograph taken at dawn on a day that is special to you.

How does it work?  Well,  you can now order and download one of our beautiful photographs to use as you wish forever. You will be able to email it to your friends, share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Have it as your screen saver on your computer or ipad, print it out yourself, create thank you cards and Wedding invitations.  There are an endless list of products to get creative with such as Canvas wraps, jigsaws and even on your very own stamps (how brilliant is that?) from companies such as Snapfish and Photobox.

We are offering all our Newsletter customers and Blog readers and Facebook followers first dibs at this fantastic new product for the one off cost of £35 per photograph and then you can do as you wish with your very special picture.

To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, please call us on 01736 758109 or email us at  so we can create your order for you and send you your digital photograph via email.

Visit our site to see your special day

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Treat him this Fathers day with a beautiful photograph taken at dawn on the day his little girl or boy was born.

With Mothers day just gone we need to turn our attention to the most important day of the year…. Fathers Day. So, when is Fathers day this year?  It’s on the 16th of June so best to put it in your diary now as all us Dad’s want to get spoilt rotten.

Now everyone knows it’s always difficult to get something for the man who has everything but can you imagine the look on his face when he sees a beautiful photograph taken at dawn on the very morning his little boy or girl was born?

So don’t forget the man in your life this fathers day, treat him to something that will last a life time. Search here to see the photographs taken on the day he became a dad, a very special day.

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Beautiful fineart landscape photography....everyday

Come out with us to learn how to take our beautiful sunrise landscapes

The Day That would like to invite you to come out with us to experience what it’s like to take our beautiful landscape photographs so you can show your readers what it’s like to capture the beauty of Cornwall.

We have been going out every day since 2005 and now have 35,000 dawn pictures in our collection. People order them as personalised pieces of art taken at the very start of a day that is special to them such as a Wedding day or the day they have a baby.

We will teach you how it’s done and get you to take your very own sunrise photograph.

You will be able to get at first hand experience what it’s like to capture all the beauty of a Cornish dawn with it’s beautiful light, landscape and sounds.


After the shoot we will process your very own pictures at our lovely studio and print, mount and frame your very own sunrise picture for you to hang in your home or office.


I would like to think your readership would find what we do fascinating and having a journalist come out with us would add colour and depth to the piece.

Please feel free to contact me at or call us on 01736 758109 if you are interested in the story and we can plan for you to come out with us.

For more information about what we do here at The Day That please visit our site.






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Theatre of the Sea - Steve Tuck

We now have over 35,000 photographs in our collection, that’s a lot of pictures of the dawn. We go out in all conditions from stunning sunrises to dramatic stormy mornings that take our breath away.

We have decided to create a collection of our favourite photographs from each month and have asked our followers on Facebook to name them. This is our chosen January picture and it was named “Theatre of the sea”  by Steve Tuck and is very apt.

Anyone born on this day would have a very dramatic picture on their wall taken on the day they were born the perfect newborn gift. At the end of the year we will be creating a calendar with a picture for each month that hopefully will reflect the seasonal changes.

Join us on Facebook to get the chance to name one of our beautiful photographs.



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Beautiful fine art landscape photography....everyday

Since June 2005 we have been going out every single day at sunrise in all weather conditions to take beautiful fine art landscape photographs. I have stood in the middle of a beach in the pouring rain and still managed to find something beautiful to photograph.

Even when it's raining there is beauty to be found.

At mid summer I have to be at my chosen location by 3.30am to make sure I capture the pre dawn. There is something quite magical when you realise that you are one of the very few people crazy enough to be awake at that time and to witness mother nature at it’s most impressive.

Mother nature at it's best

There is something very spiritual in waiting for the sun to rise and for capturing the process as a photograph knowing that this is the start of someones first day on earth or the first day of the rest of their lives.

A wonderful reminder of a special day

A short film about us

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The Baby Show Excel

The baby Show at Excel in London is about to be held and for the first time in 3 years The Day That won’t be attending. This is due to unforeseen circumstances and is a real shame as we feel we are one of the most original and most certainly unique products ever to have exhibited at the show.

Where else could you meet 20,000 potential customers that to be honest all love what we do. Hoards of new and expectant mums file past our stand scratching their heads and thinking, why are they showing landscape photographs here at the baby show? It goes something like this. Us – I bet you can’t tell what we do… New Mum, erm…. take photographs. Us – Yes but whats special about what we do? New Mum, erm… don’t know. Us – Ok, tell me the date your baby was born. New Mum – Ok…. We then lead them to our computer and show them a photograph taken at dawn on the day their beautiful baby was born….. New Mum…. burst into tears!

The Day That stand at the Baby show

We really will miss not going to the Excel baby Show and most of all miss all the wonderful companies that attend including Cuddledry, who make award Winning hooded baby bath towels. Konfidence who produce all you need for child & baby swimming and The Miricle Box who supply fantastic maternity products.

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Capturing the Sunrise on your wedding day

What could be more romantic than a beautifully framed and personalised photograph taken at dawn on the morning of your wedding day. The start of your first day as husband and wife.

Pesonalised art taken on your wedding day

Since June 21st 2005 we have been going out very single morning and taking photographs of the dawn breaking over the Cornish landscape. The Day That produce beautiful fine art landscape photographs, mounted, personalised and beautifully framed  so you can remember a very special day for ever.

A stylish and beautifully framed photograph

All our photographs have hand written personalisation, for example “Dawn on your wedding day – 27 August 2011″ or “Sally and Harry’s Wedding day – 18th June 2011″ It’s up to you.

You can personalise your beautiful photograph

So if you want a piece of art that is personal to you then a The Day That photograph is perfect. We also do the most romantic Gift Vouchers that you can give your partner or the happy couple on the day.

Give them a gift voucher on the day

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My First The Day That sale

The law of averages suggested that sooner or later one of my pictures would be used to celebrate a wedding, or welcome a newborn baby into the world. The question was how long would it take until this order came through.

There had been eager anticipation in the office, which slowly built up as I had more and more dawn photography under my belt. Days either side of mine began to sell and once or twice there a false celebration when realising the latest order was for the dawn on the day before or after I had gone out.

Eventually the order came through, 24th November 2011, picture 1. This picture would mean a lot to the family receiving it, it also, suddenly, was a picture that meant a lot to me, as it would be my first sale. Luckily there was no expense spared to celebrate the occasion, a large exhibition size picture in a dark wood frame was a great first sale.

There was a small wait before the print, as we had to replace the paper we use to print at that size to ensure the picture would be perfect. It was exciting to see it in physical form, and although it looked exactly the same as it did on the monitor, it looked so much better on paper.

The picture was then mounted and personalised, and the process was almost complete. With the border of the mount surrounding the image it was obvious why images should be printed, not just left to sit on a computer hard drive. The picture was stunning to look at and once it had been framed, I was very proud of the work I had done.

My first sale, a very proud moment.

It felt great to know that this picture would not only be hanging on somebody’s wall for years to come, but it would also be a picture that a family would have an emotional attachment to.

I look forward to taking many more pictures so they can be used to celebrate all of life’s special occasions.

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Learning The Light

Before I had gone on my first shoot with The Day That, I had asked Gavan and Chris which type of mornings they preferred to take photos, the glorious mornings with an artists dream etched across the sky, or those grey, murky days that make you glad you own central heating. Of course it was unanimous. They preferred the latter. With a challenge to make a visually strong image that shows the beauty and simplicity of these mornings, it would allow their creative juices to flow.

I have had some previous experience with photography and I was happy to take the colourful mornings that sold themselves. But of course, The Day That captures every dawn, and it isn’t up to us what the weather will be doing! And I knew that eventually I would have to take on the challenge they both loved so much.

Kieran Brimson Learning the light with The Day That

Eventually became immediately, and on my first day shadowing Chris on Porthmeor beach we both got soaked from the constant downpour and chilled to the bones from the cold. Through the wind and rain I still took in a lot from Chris about how the light can change during the morning and how to prepare for what the dawn can bring. The trend continued and my newly acquired wet weather gear was given a good christening. Each time joining Gavan or Chris on the morning shoots made me learn that it’s not just about the weather, it is also about the location.

Kieran in more testing conditions

Picking the right location proves to be key in getting great photographs as each location allows you to do something different. An obvious example is if you want to capture the sunrise, get on a beach that faces east. Less obvious examples are knowing about tides, and swells of the sea, and what locations to go to when there is a strong current, or when it is peaceful.

After shadowing them, the guys finally trusted me enough to let me have a camera in my own hands. It is easy to over think when trying to capture a shot, it is also easy to under think. I learnt quickly that the skill is finding that balance of knowing what you want but being confident enough that the decisions almost come naturally. On my first day I over thought. Each minute the sky is brighter and the sun doesn’t hang around to let you get that one last shot. Comparing my shots with Chris’ afterwards, it was clear who the pro was.

Beauty can be found in all conditions

The next day I came back and tried again, and the day after that I had another go, and then another go. Just in the few days I have been out with Gavan and Chris I can see how my images have improved. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but with each return to the coast I have a little more experience that I can use to help me to relax and use the weather to my advantage. Gavan has been taking photos since 21st June 2005. That’s over six years of taking photos for him to get to the stage he is at. With any luck it won’t take me six years to catch up to him.

Catching a Wave by Kieran Brimson

Catching a Wave by Kieran Brimson

A perfect start to a day

A perfect start to a day

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