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If you are reading this, you might have one of our beautiful photographs taken on a day that is special to you. I am sure it is treasured and admired by everyone that sees it and that it reminds you of a very wonderful day in your life. If you have bought for somebody else, no doubt it has pride of place in their family home and is a gift that is loved and cared for.

But what if you could take that image, that already has so much meaning, and do a little more with it?

What if, you could create multiple prints, produce unique and personal birth announcements or Thank You cards, or keep it as a screensaver for your computer or mobile device? What if you could share it with those friends and family that live overseas via email or even on Facebook?

Well now you can. There are endless possibilities from buying a digital version of your image, you can do just about anything with it, from things as small as personalised stamps, to as big as room wallpaper!

We will still personalise it for you making your photograph just that little bit extra special. Each personalisation will have a brightness that compliments the image accordingly, as to be viewable, but not distract from the image itself.

Personalisation Slices

Later in the year we will be offering our new and exciting download service giving all our customers the chance to have more choice in how they want to buy our beautiful pictures. But for our existing customers we want to give you the opportunity to be first in line, with a very attractive offer!

What’s the deal?

We will send you a digital copy of the framed photograph you bought from us for the introductory price of £20.00

It will be sent via email, and within the email there will be the following,

  1. A full size digital photograph fully personalised as you wish, ready to make into any product you like.
  2. A resized version that is also personalised and ready to share with friends and family via email and Social media.
  3. Inspiration booklet packed full of ideas and a comprehensive Q&A

You might want to give your digital photograph as a gift, well now you can. For an additional £7.00 we will send you a beautifully designed CD that you gift wrap and give as a gift.

BB1_9469You can even gift wrap it to make it extra special


Call us now on 01736 758109 to place your order or to talk to us about this amazing offer.

Need a reminder of our special day then head over to The Day That


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wallpaperdesignersHow cool would it be to have Wallpaper made out of a photograph taken at dawn on a day that is special to you.

You can now own a digital version of the photograph taken at dawn on a day that is special to you.

How does it work?  Well,  you can now order and download one of our beautiful photographs to use as you wish forever. You will be able to email it to your friends, share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Have it as your screen saver on your computer or ipad, print it out yourself, create thank you cards and Wedding invitations.  There are an endless list of products to get creative with such as Canvas wraps, jigsaws and even on your very own stamps (how brilliant is that?) from companies such as Snapfish and Photobox.

We are offering all our Newsletter customers and Blog readers and Facebook followers first dibs at this fantastic new product for the one off cost of £35 per photograph and then you can do as you wish with your very special picture.

To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, please call us on 01736 758109 or email us at  so we can create your order for you and send you your digital photograph via email.

Visit our site to see your special day

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Capturing the Sunrise on your wedding day

What could be more romantic than a beautifully framed and personalised photograph taken at dawn on the morning of your wedding day. The start of your first day as husband and wife.

Pesonalised art taken on your wedding day

Since June 21st 2005 we have been going out very single morning and taking photographs of the dawn breaking over the Cornish landscape. The Day That produce beautiful fine art landscape photographs, mounted, personalised and beautifully framed  so you can remember a very special day for ever.

A stylish and beautifully framed photograph

All our photographs have hand written personalisation, for example “Dawn on your wedding day – 27 August 2011″ or “Sally and Harry’s Wedding day – 18th June 2011″ It’s up to you.

You can personalise your beautiful photograph

So if you want a piece of art that is personal to you then a The Day That photograph is perfect. We also do the most romantic Gift Vouchers that you can give your partner or the happy couple on the day.

Give them a gift voucher on the day

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The Atlantic Blanket Company

The Atlantic Blanket Company was started by the lovely Jo Riley in 2007 after she searched for the perfect blanket for her daughter who had chicken pox. Jo searched in vain and decided if she couldn’t find the blanket she was looking for then neither could anyone else and so The Atlantic Blanket Company was born. They offer the most beautiful luxurious blankets and throws blending contemporary design and colour with traditional weaving methods and natural fabrics.

Jo says “I don’t think I could have started this company anywhere but Cornwall. It is such an inspiring place to live and we are surrounded by creative and innovative people doing great things. That really gave me the confidence to have a go, and it certainly made finding local talent easy when it came to designing and building the website etc. Now our client base stretches all over the world and customers come back to us time and again to share their blanket stories. We sell baby blankets all year round, picnic blankets for the summer and gorgeous throws and blankets for all seasons, plus exclusive gifts and accessories. We also work with hotels and interior designers on bespoke projects, and are lucky enough to be able to do all that and walk the dog on the beach every day too!”

Beautiful luxurious Baby blankets

We think the Atlantic Blanket Website looks fantastic and sums up Jo’s attitude to her company and brand. To see her lovely blankets go to their website. Jo is also offering all our readers 15% discount Use TDT15

The Atlantic Blanket Company

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“The most romantic Wedding gift on the market” – Emma Bunton

A very romantic Wedding Anniversary gift.

What could be more romantic than a beautiful landscape photograph taken at sunrise in Cornwall on the very day you got married? Click here to search for your special day. A photograph was taken at dawn on the day you said yes to your partner and started the rest of your lives together as husband and wife.

A beautifully framed photograph taken at dawn on your wedding day

Since June 21st 2005 (The Day That) have been going out very single morning and taking photographs of the dawn breaking over the Cornish landscape. The Day That produce beautiful fine art landscape photographs, mounted, personalised and beautifully framed  so you can remember a very special day for ever.

A The Day That photographer capturing your dawn photograph

If you would like to see a photograph taken on your wedding day in Cornwall then please visit our website The Day That Use the calendar to find your wedding date and see the wonderful photographs we took on you special day. You can buy your husband it as a Wedding anniversary present, as a Valentines gift, as a Christmas present or just to show how much you love him.

Facebook Logo

We offer all our Facebook friends a 10% discount so when you choose to purchase “like” us on our FB page and enter FB10 at the check out to get your discount.

Visit to see your beautiful photograph taken at dawn on your wedding day.

Examples of the personalisation you could choose

“Our Wedding Day + Date”

All of our lovely photographs are personalised which you can choose

“This day was the start of the rest of our lives + Date”

You can choose your own personalisation

Rachael and Matts wedding day + Date

If buying for a gift you can personalse it with the couples name and date of their wedding.

Want more information then watch our wonderful 3 minute film

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Yul Brynner

Yul Brynner in The King and I

Many many years ago when I tell my daughters the world was black and white I had the unfortunate experience of answering to an area manager. Every month he, and it was always a he would walk into the store like Yul Brynner in the King and I and point out every tiny fault. He would stroll in with his arms crossed and nod to a hanger out of place or float towards the only tie in the wrong amazing sixth sense. We now live in vivid colour but I am sure this is still the case.

More than ever brand rules, so it amazes me that the modern day Yul would not notice something that would damage a stores credibility.

Recently I have had the pleasure of visiting the little boys room of three large concerns that I won’t name.. wait, no I will name and shame as they will never read this. The Shell Garage in St Albans, the King had obviously been in and everything was, as I imagine as the brand guide would demand. The shop was laid out to maximise functionality and to encourage us to spend spend spend and all very clean and tidy. I walked from the bright lights of the shop floor and entered the forgotten and neglected space called the toilet. The experience reminded me of when I was boat hopping around the Greek islands and was staying at a small taverna with the worst toilet on the face of the planet. My co travellers and I had to hold our breath and rush in and try and do our business before the need for oxygen became to strong and we had to give in knowing it was going to be nasty. A Greek taverna in the 80’s was part of the experience but a Shell garage today should not be.

A very clean Toilet

In this case a very clean toilet

Another company with a very strong brand and a very strong whiff from the back room is …. Drum roll please, Costa Coffee. They might be re inventing the coffee wheel with their wonderful new ‘Flat white” but the powers that be need to pay attention to their little boys rooms.

Anyone been to Paddington station recently and had the pleasure of spending a penny or as it now costs twenty pennies? You pay your money and enter through a turnstile like going into The house of horrors at a fairground. You then go down some steps and round a sharp corner… has a dog died? Have I mysteriously been transported to a zoo? This can’t be real. How can such a large public place where new arrivals from overseas possibly desperate to relieve themselves of twenty pence be such a dreadful experience. As I write this I can’t quite work out how best to get this across to you as I am not skilful enough to describe the almost alien environment that is called a toilet. I am sure Prof Brian Cox could get excited about the unusual living bacteria breeding in the room under the concourse at Paddington station. They even have shower facilities for weary travellers who want to freshen up. But how can you shower with a mask on?

Rant over.. I am asking myself with our company, The Day That where is our toilet door? I don’t have to act like Yul and check every photograph that goes out the door for either a unique wedding gift or Christening gift as the guy’s do it them selves. They check every picture over and it is their pride that will not allow any photographs to go out to a customer with the slightest blemish. They are encouraged to take pride in their work and so would never let the stench start in the first place.

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Godrevy Head, Godrevy Island and Godrevy lighthouse have a special place in our hearts here at The Day That as they feature in more of our photographs than any other area. Situated on the eastern side of St Ives Bay, they offer a strong contrast to the, often soft, colours of sea and sky in our dawn pictures.

This enigmatic area has drawn human interest for hundreds if not thousands of years, from several prehistoric archeological finds, through mining interests spanning several hundred years to the dangers of the rocks to shipping and the building of the Godrevy lighthouse. Now protected by the ownership of the National Trust, it has also become a Site of Special Scientific Interest with some of the best examples of coastal heathland in the UK.

I, like many artists and photographers, am drawn to the lighthouse. This iconic structure with its life-saving light has added mystery by being so close but almost untenable due to the dangerous stretch of water that separates it from the mainland. I was very pleased to learn of an exhibition being staged by the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth centred around Godrevy lighthouse with several works on display featuring the light over many years.

‘This captivating new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall features artwork inspired by the iconic Godrevy Lighthouse.

Charles Thomas and Jessica Mann began collecting these works over 50 years ago, when they met and fell in love on an archaeological dig at Godrevy.  Since that time, the couple have collected various works of art, poetry and objects depicting the lighthouse, including pieces by artists such as Bryan Pearce, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and Kurt Jackson.

Godrevy Lighthouse has seen considerable changes along the north coast and the exhibition includes artwork showing 1780s St Ives, buzzing with marine activity, right up to a 2003 Kurt Jackson piece depicting the calms of the St Ives coast.

Jessica Mann says: “Godrevy Lighthouse has become an icon; it is one of the images that represents Cornwall. This exhibition will give people an insight into the magic of the lighthouse, which Charles has known all his life and I first saw over 50 years ago.” ’

The exhibition runs until 29th August. There is also a general lighthouse exhibition at the museum that runs until the end of the year.

Image and exhibition description © NMMC 2010 –

Sunrise at Godrevy a The Day That photograph

One of my favourite The Day That shots featuring Godrevy Island is this one from very early in our archive that surfaced recently with the help of a young lady called Evie to mark her first day. It’s from July 2005 and was taken by Gavan. It helped pave the way for the wonderful style that has developed as we create our unique christening gifts, special wedding gifts and beautiful anniversary presents.

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Are Wedding Exhibitions the best way to promote our Unique Wedding Gifts My top 10 tips

The Day That Baby Show Stand

The Day That Baby Show Stand

Over the past three years we have been attending the National Baby Shows at Earls Court, Excel and The NEC to promote our unique christening gifts and newborn baby gifts. I laugh now as the first show we did we turned up in a 3.5 ton van with enough kit to pack out our huge stand. We now manage to do the same show by filling my trusty Ford Focus.

We now sell more and get more out of the shows making them great value for  money in what can be a very expensive event.

We are considering exhibiting at the National Wedding show at Earls court as we are entering new markets with our fabulous product. More and More customers were asking to use our pictures to create unique Wedding gifts and even as anniversary gift ideas.

As we feel that we are doing this as well as we can I thought I would write my first ever “Top 10 Tips Blog”

So, drum roll please.. Here is my top ten tips on attending Wedding Exhibitions.

1. Aims

Be very clear on your aims, it’s not all about sell sell sell. The amount of stands you see with very worried faces is alarming. We work very hard on collecting contact information from potential customers, usually by holding a competition. The aim of your exhibition should be a Marketing Exercise and not necessarily a selling one.

Remember, new leads can become new customers if treated in the right way.

2. Budget

This can soon rack up so make sure you keep to a tight budget. Remember, it’s not only the stand cost but all the other things you will need to have a successful show.

Design and Print costs for materials

Electricity and lighting (not always included)

Transport and Accommodation


Staffing – Worth getting an extra bod in just to get emails and other data

The actual cost of filling your stand

3. Location Location Location

I have a bit of an issue with this as the sales team will always tell you that all the stands are good. Well this is defiantly not the case. We have had one bad experience where we were in a poor location and it affected our exhibition in such a bad way that I would rather not attend than just take any stand offered. We have specific needs and will always try and get the best possible stand at each show.

4. It’s your Brand, be consistent

It amazes me how many stands look sloppy. Big companies always look great because they understand the power of looking after their brand.

5. Promotion

I have to hold my hand up and say that this is something up to now that we have not been good at. Some points for all of us to think about

- Send out invitations and event promotions to your existing customer base.

- Send out invitations and event promotions to your business network.

- Do some PR. Local press will write about the event, can you score a mention?

- Be sure to advertise the event on your website.

- Also advertise on any online forums or social online networking groups you may belong to.

6. Be presentable on your stand

It sounds obvious but look good on your stand. If you love what you do then this should be enough to get you through the event with a smile on your face. Make no mistake it’s very hard work if you do it properly but always be welcoming and genuine as the person you are speaking to could be the next customer. A definite no no is eating on the stand. Get away, even for 15 minutes and grab a sandwich… also you never know who you will meet (another story that I will blog about next week)

7. Know your market

Another obvious one but you’ll be surprised at how many companies attend exhibitions just because there are lots of people attending. For example I knew a company that attended a woman’s exhibition when they were selling a baby product, not focused enough. They had a disaster of a show and only sold one item… lesson learned.

8. Be prepared

Don’t eave everything to the last minute. If you don’t want to have a flea pit for a hotel (this happened to us) then book as early as you can. Designers will do a better job with a little time rather than a last minute deadline.

Also, you will be stressed enough without having last minute problems on your mind.

9. Follow Up

Data capture as I mentioned earlier is very very important. For example at The National Wedding Exhibition we won’t sell very much as the people attending will be getting married in the future. (Don’t worry though we have a cunning plan to sell on the day too) We will however, be collecting information that will be like gold dust for us that we will cherish and use very carefully as these are our client base. And once they have bought one of our Unique Wedding Gifts they will be a client for life. What do married couples often do next… yes have babies. We would hope they would come back for more and buy on of our pictures as a unique Christening gift or just a gift for friends.

10. Enjoy

Yes it is hard work but you do need to enjoy it. It’s really not worth doing if you can’t look back and think it was a good experience so try and add something to the trip. We usually have a good night out, especially if the exhibition is in London… but that’s another story, hey Chris?

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We were scratching our heads thinking of the best way to celebrate taking our wonderful photographs at dawn that are bought as  unique Christening gifts and unusual wedding gift ideas.

We decided to have a BBQ at Carbis Bay beach at 5am which was a lot of fun. Friends and family came down to the beach and had bacon butties and sparkly, they even got to see a dolphin and a seal playing in the water, what a treat.

Chris celebrating The Day That 5th Birthday

Chris celebrating The Day That 5th Birthday

Most of our customers buy our pictures as unique christening gifts or as personalised wedding gifts but we often get requests to see our favourite pictures. So, we took this onboard and have created a collection of our favourite photographs which was a difficult process as we have 14,500 pictures to choose from.

Please take a look at our collection and let us know what you think…. Has it been worth getting up at dawn for 5 years? We think so.

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